The Company

Protieng Engineering began its operations as a business organization in 1994 with the purpose to provide services in electromechanical engineering industries and maintenance areas. From 1997 extended its activities to shopping centers and commercial buildings in the areas of building maintenance, air conditioning and automation. In 2007, the Protieng Group incorporates the company Master Systems and Controls´ for industrial and commercial projects.

Through experience and knowledge acquired by the company´s establishers and associates who are specialized in engineering the company was deployed. Company´s fundamental principle: Excellent quality in the working program, customer service and competitive cost in the actual market.

Vision Protieng

To be recognized as the best company to provide Industrial Engineering and Maintenance in the Federal District through:
• The professional service provided to our clients;
• The development of our employees.

Quality policy

To have as goal Excellent Quality in all activities to:
• Offer to the market only products and services that ensure customer satisfaction;
• Operate with trusted processes to meet approved specifications;
• Maintain a continuous improving program.

Health and safety Policy

Protieng Engineering has as policy to preserve the health and physical integrity of its employees through the adoption of safe working practices during the development of its activities to:
• Ensure compliance with the legal requirements and regulations;
• Act preventively, valuing the health and safety inside and outside the workplace being these the most important to guarantee a safe and excellent operation.

Environmental Policy

Protieng Engineering wants to be recognized as a company committed to sustainable development acting responsibly with regards to the legal standards and contributing to the growth of environmental awareness and to:
• Promote actions to ensure harmonious coexistence with the environment maintaining our competitiveness and aiming the prevention of pollution;
• Keep our team conscious, trained and qualified to promote the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.